Connect - May 20th - 26th

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NLCC Vision: We are a church that develops people resulting in changed lives

Encountering Jesus: Freed from Our Failure

Read  Mark 2:1-12

1. Do you remember the time when you thought you had a spiritual paralysis? Share your experience with your group.

2. Read verse 3-5.

a. What did the men do when they could not get their friend to Jesus?

b. Whose faith was Jesus impressed with?

c. Can you think of someone in your life that impresses you because of their faith in God and why?

3. When Jesus said, “Son, your sins are forgiven,” why do you think Jesus would say this knowing that He would offend the religious people?

a. Do you sometime question God’s forgiveness on your life or struggle with a thought that God could forgive someone like you? If so, why?

4. According to verse 5 and 11, what kind of authority did Jesus have?

a. Do you believe that Jesus has the power to forgive you and power to heal you?

5. Share your take away from last Sunday’s sermon